how it works

How to use at Festivals

-To use the best power bank around, you first need to get an Unlimited Charging pass, which you can pre-order for a discount on our website or purchase at our booth at the event.

-Once you’ve purchased your unlimited charging pass you need to check in with us at our booth to get your boost band and your day/full event pass.

-You can then charge any device with the boost band as it has USB output, making it universal. Once the boost band dies you simply bring it up to our booth and swap it out for a freshly charged one. You can do this an unlimited amount of times.

*You do not need to purchase a boost band prior to the event. Your unlimited charging pass includes a boost band. If you do not return the boost band by the end of the event you will not get your security deposit back.

How the Boost Band Works

The Boost Band is very simple to use.

-To charge the wristband you plug a micro USB cord into the wristband.

-To charge a device you plug the devices USB cord into the wristband.

*The wristband has a 1350 mAh capacity battery. It is impossible to convert that full amount of energy as every battery loses some power when energy is being converted. We can assure you that you will convert 1,100 mAh consistently. Our goal is to get you 10 hours of power to make it through your day.